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Spam and Taro Fries at Double Chin in Boston's Chinatown. #spam #phantomgourmet #phoodporn

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At Double Chin in Chinatown via @veedang_ #BostonFoodies

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Hot plate: Double Chin's Cube Toast

Somewhat hazy, late night visits to Chinatown are a tradition for Boston area students. There's nothing quite like a steaming plate of crispy, greasy egg rolls and tangles of pork lo mein from New Golden Gate, Peach Farm or Chau Chow City after a long night out.

Double Chin - Boston's Chinatown (Phantom Gourmet)

This bright, cute, brand new restaurant is nothing like this section of the city has seen before, in terms of both atmosphere and cuisine. Opened just a few months ago, this seventy seat spot is the creation of Gloria and Emily Chin, a pair of stylish sisters whose love of puns lead them to the restaurant's quirky name.

Phantom Gourmet: Double Chin In Boston's Chinatown

BOSTON - Boston's Chinatown has been undergoing a face lift over the last few years, and the best part of its transformation is its Double Chin. This bright, cute, brand new restaurant is nothing like the neighborhood has seen before, in terms of both atmosphere and cuisine.

The Coolest New Boston Ice Cream Shops

Eating ice cream is a year-round sport in New England, so while the temperatures are dropping, let's not forget this important dessert. While the Boston area boasts a large number of essential ice cream destinations that have been around for years, here's a round-up of the newest spots where you can satisfy that cold, sweet craving.

Going Out

Dining MC Slim JB Photo Credit: Nicole Popma Food geeks know that the best way to experience foreign cuisines without traveling abroad is to seek out restaurants in which ex-pat chefs are cooking for other immigrants, where the food hasn't been dumbed down for Americans or undergone a century of local adaptation.

Double Chin brings Asian-American fusion to Theater District, has brilliant name

There's going to be a new contender for best-named restaurant in Boston when Asian-American fusion cafe Double Chin starts serving hungry customers on Thursday. At the helm of the new Theater District spot are Gloria and Emily Chin, sisters who grew up in Chinatown and want to bring their family specialties to the Boston public at their 86 Harrison Street location.

Double Chin Is Coming to Chinatown

An Asian-style cafe is gearing up for its opening this week and currently testing out menu items (take a peek on Instagram.) Double Chin, a family-run restaurant in Chinatown, softly opens this Thursday, January 28, ahead of its grand opening on Friday, according to posts on the cafe's social media.